The top 3 reasons why people are investing in The Pearl Fund


1. Receive 10X+ returns that are completely tax-free, due to our exclusive focus on high-potential Opportunity Zone startups

We focus our investments in high potential early-stage startups that have the potential to yield a 10X+ return (real estate returns 2X on average). 

This, in turn, is expected to create a much greater economic impact for the communities while delivering significantly higher returns for investors than real estate-specific OZ funds.  


2. Invest with the country's top Opportunity Zone business investor

Brian Phillips is a nationally recognized pioneer in business investing in opportunity zones. 

He is a leading force in creating what he calls the OZ Movement: sustained and diversified investment into OZ businesses (OZB). This is core to achieving the ambition and promise of OZ, for both investor returns and social/economic impact. 

 Brian is a noted writer and sought-after advisor and speaker on OZB.  Media on Brian and the Pearl Fund can be found on our press page.


3. Drive long-term, life-changing, measurable economic impact in our communities

The Pearl Fund invests in high-potential, fast-growing early-stage startups that we can launch or relocate into Opportunity Zones. 

 These companies grow rapidly using the capital we invest in them to recruiting talent as they grow.  This creates long term, permanent jobs, not temporary construction jobs that come then go.  These employees then live and spend near where they work revitalizing the communities where they are based. We require all our investments to report their impact and we report these results in our annual impact report

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