"One of the top 10 OZ funds in the country" (Forbes)

We are both a Qualified Opportunity Zone & Venture Capital Fund


The Pearl Fund is an early-stage venture capital fund designed to generate significant returns that will be completely tax-free to investors via the Opportunity Zone tax laws. 

There are significant tax benefits for investors who put their capital gains into Qualified Opportunity Zone Funds within their 180-day window.

 For more information on Opportunity Funds and the tax benefits see: 

Tax Benefits

Laser Focused on High Potential Startups


We are not a real-estate OZ fund.  

We focus our investments in high potential early-stage startups that have the potential to yield a 10X+ return (real estate returns 2X on average) 

This, in turn, is expected to create a much greater economic impact for the communities while delivering significantly higher returns for investors than real estate-specific OZ funds.  

For more on Venture Capital and Opportunity Zones see:

 Why a VC+OZ fund

Why Invest in the Pearl Fund?


The Pearl Fund was ranked as one of the top 10 OZ funds in the country by Forbes 


is managed by one of the few individuals in the country with a unique background and skillset to run the nation's top OZ/VC fund.  Brian Phillips General partner of the fund has 30+ years of startup, investment & economic development experience. He has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs and has been engaged by Goldman, IBM, WalMart, as well as by Ivy League Universities for his expertise in starting and growing high performing companies.

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Partners, Counsel & Advisors

"One of the top 10 OZ funds" (Forbes) & has been featured in