Learn more & invest online on our investment portal


Note: You must be an accredited investor, minimum investment is $100K

To review & sign our investment documents go to: https://invest.thepearl.fund 

There you will be able to review our summary prospectus which includes many of the details about how the fund such as:

  • How Opportunity Zone funds work
  • The Funds Investment Strategy 
  • Unique aspects of an Opportunity Zone venture capital fund 
  • Summary of fund operations 
  • The fund's leadership
  • Terms of the offering

Once you have reviewed our summary prospectus you will have the opportunity to register on https://invest.thepearl.fund.  Once registered (and approved by our investment team), you will have access to the Private Placement Memorandum, which outlines our fund and gives greater detail about our offering;

  • Access to our SEC filing;
  • View real time offering metrics of how far along we are in the offering process;
  • View a timeline of your progress in the investment process;
  • View company contact information and send email directly to the administrator;
  • Easily upgrade your account to "investor status" with the click of a button.

Once you upgrade your account at: https://invest.thepearl.fund to "investor status"  you will have additional access including: 

  • The ability to complete the subscription documents via download or online;
  • Upload of subscription and accreditation documents as applicable;
  • Specific process information for investing and instructions on transfer of investment funds;
  • Access to company shared quarterly / annual reports, Financial documents and Supporting Documents;
  • Access to the Asset Portfolio as applicable;
  • Access to News articles written by the fund;
  • Access to documents associated with your account.